America needs your farm to thrive

We believe your farm is a large piece of this country’s DNA. Over the years, marginalization of the dairy industry has pushed farmers out without a chance to adapt. LF Bioenergy helps farmers meet the requirements of evolving environmental standards while maintaining control of your operation.

Increased Farm Efficiency, Longevity, Profitability

We make
profitability and

Farmers First

We believe in a true partnership. We’ll help you increase your profit, continue your existing operations without interruption, and maintain control of your farm.

Leading Technology
and Facilities

Industry leading design, construction, and technology allow our facilities to take up minimal space and create maximum profit. With our full time staff doing the work in the facility, we’ll blend right in.

Unique Solutions
for Your Farm

We have the financial backing to create custom solutions for any farm. Your farm will maintain its operation and you won’t increase any operating costs in the process.

How it Works


Evaluate and Design

We’ll learn about your operations, talk through what your farm needs, what you’re looking for in the future, and set expectations across the board.


Assess and Agree

We optimize the scale and design of the facility, model RNG revenue and profitability, and work through our profit sharing structure together. From there, we sign our formal agreement.


Partner and Profit

Once we are built and operational, we fully staff our facility, operate, market, and sell RNG to increase the long term profit of your farm.

Helping America’s dairy farm families with its ‘Pathway to Net Zero’ by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adding value to their farm, is vital work. LF Bioenergy is a reputable team backed by substantial financial resources and an extensive understanding of the U.S. dairy industry.

– Connie Seefeldt, Owner Seefeldt Farms, Vice Chair National Dairy Promotion and Research Board, and District 2 Board Representative Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin  

A 15+ year
mutually beneficial

At LF Bioenergy, we know the environmental pressures the agriculture community faces while trying to adapt to an evolving world. We look to increase the value of your operations while improving your manure management challenges.

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