Why Renewable Natural Gas?

Agriculture accounts for 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and ruminant cattle make up more than a quarter of agriculture’s methane emissions.

Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture have increased by 10.1% in the last 30 years. Liquid manure storage and management systems have driven methane and nitrous oxide emissions up by 58.7% in the same time period.

The LF Bioenergy Difference

When you partner with LF Bioenergy to turn waste into renewable natural gas (RNG) with an anaerobic digester system, you’ll experience a world class of difference in creating a sustainable future for your farm and our environment.

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How it Works


Simplified manure management
Reduced environmental impact from farm operations
Increased farm profitability

About Us


LF Bioenergy partners with US Dairy Farmers to improve profitability while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We accomplish this by taking an active role in the global transition to green energy: turning farm waste into RNG.


Our mission is to be a leader in creating renewable energy with integrity, innovation and operational excellence.

We measure success with the same, triple bottom line as US Dairy Farmers:
People, Planet, Profitability


Integrity through transparency

Safety through best practices

Well-being of the dairy community

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