Meet NetZero Goals

Increase Profit Potential

Minimal Impact to Operations

We’re a new breed of Renewable Natural Energy developers

  • We build real partnerships with farmers
  • We live in the Ag world and Energy industry
  • We design around your farm’s operations
  • We staff our facility with highly trained operators

Partnerships You Can Trust

Integrity is at the center of what we do. We believe in being transparent, honest,
intentional, and supportive of the farms who choose to partner with us.

Equitable Profit Sharing

Win-Win Partnerships

Full financial transparency

Financial flexibility
for your investment

LF is backed by a $1B Renewable Energy Fund. We are fully open to co-investing with farmer partners and our backing gives you the ability to move forward without any debt financing delays.

Designed with your farm’s
operations in mind

Each farm is unique

Our entire process begins with gaining a deep understanding of how your farm operates day to day. This helps us design, build, and operate an RNG facility with minimal impact to how your farm already works.

Each agreement is a win-win

We have an ability to create win-win situations for all of our partnerships. You’ll be fully prepared to see how the marketing, sales, and profit sharing works for your on-site RNG facility.

Each facility is a long-term placement

Building a sustainable future means a long term future. We look for farmers who dream and believe in the multi-decade future of their farm’s operations.

Fully staffed,
all year round

Each RNG facility we build is staffed with experts in facility operations. Our RNG facilities operate, run, and convert waste into RNG 365 days a year. This helps you stay focused on what’s most important to you – your farm.

Looking for a deeper dive into why
RNG is the best move for your farm?