Reduce environmental impact

Simplify manure management

Increase farm profitability

Renewable Natural Gas is the solution to
a farmer’s methane problem.

With U.S. Agriculture contributing ~10% to U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and ~36% of methane emissions mostly from livestock, it’s time to rethink how you manage your farm’s manure. Through an RNG facility on your farm, we can decrease methane production and create renewable and eco-friendly energy.

Bringing what your farm needs to the table.

Building with LF Bioenergy solves more than manure management. An RNG facility helps create change for three major problem areas for farmers across the US.

Stay compliant with active and future regulations

Increase profitability and secure the future

No interference with your day-to-day operations

Adding an RNG facility on your farm could:

  • Expand your farm’s revenue by adding energy to your business
  • Reduce odors surrounding your farm
  • Utilize new manure management technologies
  • Increase nutrient and natural resource management

Simplifying RNG for America’s farms.

Our team brings a diverse understanding of RNG, energy sales, agriculture, engineering, farm sustainability, and much more.

We understand the needs that America’s farmers are facing and we are positioned and equipped to help build a sustainable future for dairy farmers. We believe in equipping farm owners with the knowledge they need to partner with a company they can trust.

Renewing the future for America’s dairy farmers.

Net Zero goals and requirements are shifting the future of America’s dairy farmers. At LF Bioenergy we build and operate RNG facilities and partner with farmers to create a pathway for a profitable future through the RNG marketplace.

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